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FAITH is an acronym meaning For All Individuals that Hustle … PERIOD! The brand is a ministry for ALL people of FAITH. Religion, education, sports, or just having FAITH to make it through an emotional storm, we all need FAITH.
The most important component to this brand is the “HUSTLE.”
How do we define HUSTLE?

The word hustle means “work hard.” It means that you are on the grind 24/7, barely getting any rest. It means you will get up and make the impossible happen because you’re crazy enough to believe you can. It’s making a sacrifice now to guarantee a victory in the end. It means you will work excessively towards a goal – AND THERE IS NO EXCUSE IN THIS WORLD THAT WILL STOP YOU!

FAITH. Everyone needs it. The Pastors. The Rappers and Rockstars. The First Responders. The Coaches. The Athletes. All individuals and whatever they apply their faith to. The keyword is “ALL.” This brand is a love connection. Based on the nature of the world today, love is what’s needed. So, if we learn to just love each individual for who they are, we can come together in the spirit of faith and restore heaven on Earth. 



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